Friday, November 24, 2006


Buon giorno! From Japan we flew to Italy, we drive actually. Went to this new Italian restaurant located at Jalan Padungan. It’s kinda new to the neighborhood of hip restaurant and pub recently sprouting up along the China Town of Kuching.

welcome to David's home

The meaning of Casa Davide is David’s home since the owner’s name is David. It’s a little nice quiet restaurant with dimly lit lighting and Italian inspired painting adored the wall.

the lamp just feel negleted being in the corner of the room

Everything was going well when a group of dinners brought some “siew mai” into the premise. What makes it even more annoying was they talk as they owned the whole place. Such a let down since we wanted to enjoy a nice quiet dinner. We ordered what Italians are famous for, pizza and pasta. The pizzas are prepared freshly and cooked in a traditional clay oven you always seen at an Italian restaurant. The best part about the pizza is, it comes with four types of cheese toppings and it’s the thin crust type. We ordered the chef’s special pasta which is a baked with fresh seafood. Different from the normal fare we have at Pizza Hut or any so called Italian restaurant. Not too creamy or rich too make you bloat or feel sick of it.


cream of wild mushroom

four cheese pizza

baked pasta

Overall, it was a nice dinner except for the group of ANNOYING people. Bon Appetit!

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