Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This is the second part of my little journey up to the border of Indonesia. This little place was discovered by us during our way back to civilization. It’s a restaurant that looks like a cave or a cave that looks like a restaurant.

welcome to my lair

comfy little cave

a lair with a view

Who cares anyway, as long as they got FOOD! The place is situated just behind the Wind Cave at Bau and you can’t miss it if you are on your way back to Kuching. The place is set on the magnificent background of a cliff. You can admire mother’s nature art work here. The lime stone cave and the river flowing through it can really rejuvenate a person after all the traveling up and down Serikin.

wondering if i can find Batman in there

cliffhanger's playground

There’s a mini zoo whereby varieties of monkeys and other wild life are kept. There’s even a family of goats living at the sanctuary, roaming around freely and helping themselves to the abandon species of flora and fauna found there.


With all these beautiful living things around the place, you just can’t help by blowing up your entire memory card on your camera. That’s what happens to me. Last but not least, let us not forget about the FOOD! They serve varieties of local and western delicacies here. They will be delighted to cook anything you bring to them like wild boar and other catch of the day. We ordered some fried ‘bee hoon’ with cangkuk manis and fried bidin with sambal belacan.

fried Bidin with Sambal Belacan

fried bee hon with Cangkuk Manis

It’s just a quick snack before we head home. Nevertheless, we were all satisfied with the scenery and manage to fill up our stomach along the way. Next time when you pass by, don forget to stop by RED TURN REFRESHMENT.


[m][a][n][n] said...

nice trip ..
if i'm not mistaken, it's 'midin' not 'bidin' ..

alexcjlau said...

ermm..... i think so... hehehe! as long as it's food...

martin said...

midin?? i think is kind of vegetables we called "paku" in west malaysia? I ate few times in Sibu last time. is it same?

very nice place to visit ler..the food very special.

alexcjlau said...

It's almost the same as paku. Just a bit smaller and tender