Wednesday, October 11, 2006


There was this very morning whereby me and my gang decided to give our boss a break by taking an impromptu leave just to go pretending as tourist happily snapping pictures. We started our little journey around 6.30 a.m. (even real tourist aren't that hardworking).

Kuching at 6.00 a.m

We started off pretty well around the waterfront area, snapping away happily. We hop from the waterfront to the nostalgic wet market (Main Bazaar) area where all Kuching civilization started. The Main Bazaar is basically where people from all works of live come together every morning to do their daily groceries and even catch up with the latest gossip in town. The re-freshing smell of vegetables blending with the aromatic smell of freshly brew coffee is just so different from what you used to every morning.

Kuching Waterfront at dawn

Kuching wet market

Curious ‘ah sam’ andah po’ exchanged glances with us while busy doing their daily routine. We even encountered a group of people squatting by the five foot way playing ‘ho lo chim’. When they spotted us with cameras hanging around our neck, one of them quickly approached me and started to interrogate me. Asking which daily I work with and where I’m from. Scared as shit since the guy got tattoos of dragon and phoenix on his body, I politely replied that we are tourist from Singapore. Quickly we make our way off the gambling pit to a safer ground. It was a tiring day but good day for us. Just hope our boss will not see this blog. Oppss!!

different view of Main Bazaar

different view of Main Bazaar

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