Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Carpenter Street comes alive every year on the 15th of 8th month based on the Chinese Lunar calendar. This is where the Mid-Autumn Festival or fondly known as Moon Cake Festival are held for the past 4 years. The celebration brings together not only the Chinese community but also the Malays and the native people as well to understand and also enjoy the diverse culture of Kuching. There's something for every one to do and see there. From the young til the old, you are bound to be entertained, just be prepared to walk all the way from Carpenter Street up to the Court House.

Carpenter Street main entrance all deck up for the Mid-Autumn Festival

There are street performances of much varieties such as traditional Chinese orchestra, Chinese chess competition, Bonzai display, traditional dances, old folks singing and much more.

traditional Chinese orchestra mesmerizing the crowds

Chinese calligraphy in display

the Bonzai garden

For those young or young at heart, there's plenty of rides and games to keep you busy. Who knows, you might even win a teddy bear or two at the carnival.

yippee!!! see me spin.......

After all those walking and playing, you can refresh yourself with some cooling drinks or flavoured ice (kantong). If you want to satisfy your hunger, there's always galore of delicacies that you can try. Be it a simple hot dog or something more exotic like Mongolia meat, there bound to be something that suits you.

flavoured ice (kantong)

Last but not least, how could we forget bout the most important element in this festival. Lanterns of course!!

stalls selling colourful lanterns

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