Thursday, October 12, 2006


While on my way back home from work one day, I was in a pretty good mood and thought of a smooth ride home since it was beyond the rush hour. All of a sudden, there’s a massive traffic jam in front of me. Well, I thought it must be another accident since it just rain a few moments ago. So as a law abiding citizen, I follow the usual rule and drive slowly following the rest of the pack. As I follow the slow moving cars in front of me, guess what I saw? The accident actually occurred on the other side of the road and not on the side that I’m traveling. By now I know why the jam had occurred. People just basically slow down to see what happened and some might even take down the car license number to buy 4D. F**k! What is wrong with Kuching people? This is what happened every time when there’s an accident. People will just slow down and look! Well, listen here citizen of Kuching. Next time if you want to slow down and look at an accident, please make sure you can offer some help or if you are just some annoying busybody who only want to look, move along and don’t slow down. Please don’t create a traffic jam because of your annoyance. Move along PEOPLE. Thank You! Phew! That goes all my frustration.

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