Thursday, October 26, 2006


Well… my Raya celebration has come to and end now. Besides eating and sleeping, I don’t think I’ve done anything worth neither mentioning nor remembering. During the whole duration of the holiday, I basically just eat and eat. You know lar, that’s what Malaysian do during festive season. I think I’ve gain a few pounds during these period of time. Have to do some wonder to lose all this FAT! Since we are on the food topic, let’s go to one of my favorite tea break place for some fish ball soup and pork satay. To some people, it might be odd to pair fish ball soup with pork satay. In fact, these two items go hand in hand in this shop. The place is behind the Kuching Post Office and opposite a temple at Carpenter Street. People have been coming here for their fish ball soup and pork satay for more than 20 years! You get the idea of how people in Kuching love their fish ball soup and satay when you are there to see it for your self the crowd at the shop.

hungry pleople

iron chefs

They start selling around 12.00 noon and by 4.00 p.m., all left is just clean bowls and plates. The fish, prawn and pork balls are all home made by themselves which includes their famous pork satay. The pork satay is really tender and juicy and goes well with the chunky peanut sauce. Try to be fast while eating there because you don’t want people to stand next to you waiting for you to finish and go. That’s what human do when they want something bad!

fish ball soup

pork satay


dezphrel said...

I never try the pork satay, is it nice? Is it fattening? cautious of fattening food, that's why am not really into porkie.

alexcjlau said...

Nah! Its all lean meat and very, very tender! 1 bite and u'll be hook!