Friday, October 13, 2006


Oriental Park

Ever dreamt of watching you ‘char seow’ for ‘kolo mee’ being BBQ in front of you while sipping your coffee? You’re in luck if you want it. There’s an old coffee shop tuck away at the back of the warehouse of the Department of Irrigation and Piping at the town centre just next to the old mosque and Brooke’s Dockyard in Kuching. The coffee shop (Oriental Park) is nest to the old Cathay cinema. It's a nice quiet place, where it eminence of the nostalgic era where people come here to have their morning coffee and half boiled eggs while enjoying their morning papers. The place is run by a family of five since the late 60’s. The mum done all the cooking while dad is the person responsible for the delicious strip of ‘char seow’ in you ‘kolo mee’.

dad in action
mum in action

You can just smell the charcoal roasting the succulent n juicy ‘char seow’ in a make shift BBQ pit in front of the shop. Very tempting yet sinful considering how much calories are in those strip of ‘char seow’. The ‘kolo’ mee’ comes with generous helping of ‘char seow’ and garnished with green vegetables. Nice tangy noodles with the smell of pork lard, dash of vinegar and lots of fried onions. Yum! Yum! Nevertheless, me and my friends tuck away into our bowls of ‘kolo mee’ while enjoying the scene of ‘char seow’ done in front of us. That’s what I called open kitchen concept.

kolo mee
char seow

After we had satisfied our hunger, we proceed to pay for our meal. A bowl of ‘kolo mee’ will cost you around RM 2.50 (USD 0.70). When we wanted to pay, the owner refused to accept our money because the owner was actually my friend’s uncle. Well, they kept on pushing the money to each other and even end up chasing each other around the premises. The scene reminds me of those Hindi movies where there’s always couples chasing around each other around a tree. Too bad there isn’t any music playing at that time. At last everything was settled and we left the coffee shop satisfied.


Message in the Bottle said...

I wonder where this place is? I would suggest you to attach a figure showing how to go to this place so that more ppl can try this delicacy. Haha.

alexcjlau said...

Will try my best. Have to go and learn how to draw 1st. Hmmm... maybe my 6 year old nephew can teach me.