Friday, October 20, 2006


It’s been a very busy week for me so far. That’s the reason for the long absence of me. I’m going from meetings to another meeting. There are times when I forgot what day it is or where I am. Luckily, the week has come to and end and I’m looking forward to my deserving rest over the long weekend. Going to have a long break for the Raya celebration and don’t miss me when I’m gone. Hehehe! Will do my duty to report for you guys what I did during this holiday period. Most probably will be stuffing myself silly with all the lemang, rendang and satay. So be good while I’m away.

my home for the past week

airport is my home sweet home


dezphrel said...

Airport? is where you dwell all this while? Poor thing, do you need me to supply you a piece of blanket and some pillows just to keep you warm?

alexcjlau said...

sure! some food and drinks would be nice also