Thursday, May 24, 2007


the family of 4

People always say that women are vain, but I do find that certain men are vain too. Those I’m talking about are the metro sexual or whatever sexual type of men. These are the men of the future and they are also girl’s best friends. One of those men is me unfortunately. Hahaha! I started to use Bella Men’s Skin Care products when my friend introduced it to me. The reason that friend introduce it to me was because they are having a promotion on their products. You can get a discount of 30% - 40% off their products and these kinds of offer don’t come easy. I just can resist offer like that, so I bought some of their products to try out.

Smart Cleansing Gel

1st stop, the Smart Cleansing Gel is a refreshing cleanser that really cleanses your face without the dry and tight effect after your normal cleansing. They also come in easy pump bottle to facilitate lazy men like me.

Smart Tonner

Next, the Smart Toner is a one of the kind toner that you can use to refresh your face all day long. Besides refreshing your face, it also protects your face from any impurities and tones your skin also. Again, it comes in an easy spray bottle so you can just spray it on your face like a plant.

Natural Face Scrub - scrumptious!

Face scrub is a must today for any modern men. The Natural Face Scrub cleanses your face deep and also smoothens it with its honey, oat and almond all natural ingredient. You smell so good after each scrubbing sessions that you almost wanted to eat the scrub itself.

Pore Minimizer Concentrate

Lastly, the Pore Minimizer Concentrate is a little precious bottle of serum to minimize your pores on your face. After a dedicated usage of it, your face will look refine and clear. After using those products, I feel like a new and very vain guy. It also broke a big hole in my wallet…..


Pete said...

You are right. Guys nowadays needs to keep their appearance nice too. It is no more limited for female only.

Cal said...

From my personal experience, i think the pore minimiser is quite good.

mspretty said...

agreed with you,not only woman must take care their appearance is also a must for man to take care themselves give ppl a clean and nice look!

alexcjlau said...

Ahh..... Let us men compete with the girls in beauty. Hahaha!

freedom8613 said...

lol, I understand this. Good products are never cheap. ;P