Sunday, May 27, 2007


Popular Corner

A typical Sunday in Bintulu is basically doing nothing except for lazing around and watches the world goes by. People here wake up earlier than average normal people and go doing their Sunday routine like Church or marketing at the local ‘Pasar Tamu’. One particular thing that they have in common is having breakfast or brunch at Popular Corner. It’s a restaurant cum coffee shop at the commercial area near to the ‘Pasar Tamu’.

hungry people

Come Sunday morning, the place is filled with hungry people, fresh smell of coffee and delightful aroma of different delicacies. The range of food available here on Sunday is more differing than normal offerings.

dim sum station

They have the ‘dim sum’ station with offerings like ‘siew mai’, ‘ha kau’, ‘char siew pau’ and other steam or fried stuff.

nyonya station

chi pau kai

Then they have the ‘nyonya’ station offering local delicacies like ‘ang ku’, layer cakes, ‘bak chang’ and a very big bun with chicken inside called ‘chi pau kai’. That thing can literally feed a family of four.

fast food station

roast station

noodle station

Other station you can find there are the roast section offering typical roast duck, chicken or pig, fast food station with its many dishes, noodle section and dessert station with its ‘bubur cha cha’, ‘abc’ and ‘lek tau suan’. Although it’s a four shop lot coffee shop, be prepared to fight for seats.


Pete said...

Yeah... that's a nice place for breakfast. Wide range of choice provided.

But, if you love dim sum, don't forget to visit 2020 cafe in Miri when you visit Miri again in future. They are famous bacause of dim sum.

Last but not least, Happy Gawai Holiday~

SnowLady said...

Hihi, surprise to see there's blog about popular corner. ^^
Feel free to come back and enjoy the food there.
Thanks for supporting.
My dad is planning to open an outlet this coming june. Hope to see u there. Have a nice day.