Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Batu Kawa is just a mere 30 minutes drive from Kuching but it still retains its early day’s charm. It used to be only accessible using small boats through the Sarawak River but time has changed it now. After years of isolation, a bridge is built across the river and thus makes it easier for people to commute into the city and forth. Even though time has changed, one thing still remains the same are the old charm of the town it self.

old charm

travel back into time

There are only two main rows of shop and most of it is the wooden shop houses you find in the olden days. A walk through the small town brings back old memories and it feels like you being brought back into time. People there are very laid back and smile to each other when passing by. It’s like the whole town knew each other like a big family. People wake up very early there too which I found out the hard way. Apparently, there is a stall selling very good meat balls noodle. People go there as early as 6.30 am just to have a bowl of the noodle and it finishes by 10.30 am. Since the noodles are so good, I have to drag myself and a few victims up early than usual just to see what the fuss is all about. When we reach there at around 8.00 am, the place was already packed to the max.

busy cooking

The proprietor was busy cooking the noodles and the workers were seen busy serving the hungry guests bowls of noodles. It’s not your typical “kolo mee” that you get in town.

yummy bowl of noodle

a must have morning drinks

Instead, it’s a bowl of noodle garnished with fish balls, meat balls, roasted pork, steam pork, pork rolls and other meat stuff. That’s why they call it “bak ong mee” (meat king noodle). The noodle is springy and the meat garnishing is just perfect to go with the noodles. Just be there early next time if you wanna taste of it.

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