Thursday, January 11, 2007


The first thing I do when I reach my friend’s place in Kuala Lumpur is to fill up my stomach. My tummy was having a protest against me because I haven’t feed him since lunch. After putting down my entire luggage and freshen up, we all hop into his baby beamer and head towards the nearest place to eat which is The Curve. There are just too many eating outlets there spreading all over its two courtyards. You can choose from American fare till Thai food, fine dining or fast food, the list just goes on. We finally settled down with some fast food after walking up and down the food sanctuary.

busy and perky

Kim Gary have branches spread all around Kuala Lumpur. What they serve are typical food you can find in a Hong Kong style “cha chang teng” which translate to tea restaurant in plain English. It’s seems pretty well accepted by the local young crowds as it’s a place to have proper food and a chat. The ambience is very busy and perky with the way they decorated the place with lots of color and well placed lighting. The chairs and tables are placed closed to each other as what you can find in a typical Hong Kong coffee shop. I think they do that to maximize the space usage of the premise. The glass wall surrounding the place is decorated with plants and dried leaves reminiscence of a garden if you looking from outside.

SPM exam in progress

You order the food by ticking on the appropriate box on the piece of form that they give you. It’s like taking an SPM exam all over again. Hmmm…. What is the answer??? A, B or D??? They have pictures of the food to guide you through the process of selecting your food so you can wipe off the sweat on your forehead. Phew!!!

dumplings, baked cheese rice and pork chop rice

We ordered their famous baked pork rice with cheese, fried pork chop vegetable rice, roasted honey spare ribs rice and minced pork and vegetable dumplings in hot plate. As for drinks, we had mango and coconut milk, lychee with aloe vera and ice red bean. The mango and coconut milk is very creamy and rich, excellent for those who love milk shake while the lychee with aloe vera is refreshing enough to cool down the heat. Their version of ice red bean is similar to our local version of ice kacang except that they use only red bean and milk.

the three stooges: mango coconut, lychee aloe vera and ice red bean

The food finally arrived and we tuck into it like we haven’t had any food for weeks. My baked pork rice with cheese is very fragrant from the melted cheese on top of the pan fried pork chop. A dish that you either hate it or love it because one can only have so much cheese and after that, you be put off by it. It’s fine to me since I love cheese a lot. The rest of the food….. well… I don’t really know since my friends are having it. They told me it’s very typical of Hong Kong style food if you get what I meant. So, if you want simple food that is fast, head down to Kim Gary next time near your place. If not for the food, you can go there for people looking. I bet you can find a lot of youngster trying to look like their favourite Hong Kong celebrities.


fattien said...

Hi, nice to meet you.I come from a link of pps.Me first time dropping by. Kimgary were most recommended in KL but not all the braches are good. If compare with other hong kong restoran i think Kimgary servise is better.

alexcjlau said...

Hi! Thx 4 stopping by. I've only been there once at The Curve so i can't really comment bout the rest. Nevertheless, they have some nice food and drinks there.