Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Living ocean in the middle of the city. That’s what Aquaria KLCC is all about. It serves as a tourist attraction and also a learning centre for all masses. You get to see all sorts of marine lives and also some animals from the forest and swamp nearby the sea. It takes you through a meaningful and knowledgeable journey from the Malaysian rain forest into the deep sea of the Malaysian waters. You are bound to find fascinating discoveries like the GIANT Arapaima, the deadly but beautiful Lion fish and also the majestic looking stingray.

journey through the world

the atmosphere in Aquaria

little sea turtle

creepy crawlies reptiles and insects

flooded rainforest and the deep sea

the ocean tunnel

There are petting zoos for some of the marine exhibits. The admission is RM 28 for Malaysian adults and RM 22 for children. As for tourist, it cost RM 38 for adults and RM 26 for children. Senior citizen only cost RM 18 which is a real bargain. The place is opened from 11am until 8pm with the last admission at 7pm every day. Next time when you feel like cooling down in the ocean without getting wet, hop into Aquaria KLCC. Beware of SHARKS!

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