Monday, January 08, 2007


Kuching International Airport was at its peak when I was there to catch my flight to Kuala Lumpur. The whole building came to life with buzz of activities going around here and there. It was not the usual calm and serene scene that the place had on normal days. It was a new bright airport by the way. Even though it was called an international airport, it lacks the arrival and departure of international flights. I wonder why the government didn’t take any action towards this situation. Anyway, back to my trip. The queue for check in counter was unusually long even though Air Asia had open up so many counters. To make matter worse, a middle aged lady and her family keep the queue behind her waiting for her to check in her luggage and retrieve it back when she changed her mind after they had basically sent her stuff half way through the conveyor belt. Really can’t understand why she did that after seeing the long queue behind her. After all the hassle, we managed to check in and happily on our way exploring the new airport. It was bright and nice compared to the old one.

spacious and bright

ocean in the middle of the airport

It even has more shops for travelers to browse through while waiting for their flights. There’s even a KFC and Coffee Bean there to my amazement. I even saw two rainbows while waiting for my flight. I think it’s a blessing for my trip. Hehehe!

somewhere over the rainbow.....

my plane... well, not mine actually, just hitching a ride

there's goes my luggage

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