Monday, January 22, 2007


One of my favorite Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur is Dragon-i. They got branches in 1-Utama, The Curve, Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, Cheras Leisure Mall, Centrepoint and opening soon at the new Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. They genre of Chinese specialty is authentic Shanghainese fare. All their chefs are hand picked from all over China in order to give their customers an exquisite taste of China. They won the Malaysian Tatler's best restaurant 2006.

Each individual outlet has its own identity and layout. The one that I went to is located at The Curve since it’s the nearest to my place.

The open kitchen is located just in front next to the main entrance. Passerby can feast their eye on the chefs’ work of art at their open kitchen before succumbs to the urge of going in to the restaurant. The interior is a mixture of the old and new Chinese deco with red string like curtain as wall divider for more intimate diners and two terracotta warriors guarding the place.

The menu is very pleasing to the eye and makes you want to order everything that’s in it.

Even before the main dish was served, we were already gorging down the stew peanuts that they served as appetizer.

Their specialty, Shanghainese steamed pau (xiao lung pau). You have to be careful with these little fellows as they are piping hot! Just make a little hole on top of the pau and suck the soup out slowly and enjoy the rest of it. It is so good that all the tables have at least one tray of these little pau on their table.

Next stop, deep fried prawn with sesame seed. Minced prawn on top of soft pastry and sprinkle with sesame seed before deep fried. It’s like eating deep fried prawn fingers ala Chinese style.

If stop by a Chinese restaurant, one should try their sweet and sour pork. Dragon-i version is given a new twist by a dash or strawberries and kiwis fruits other than the usual pineapple and tomatoes. It tasted sweet and fruity which makes it a very nice companion for a bowl of hot steamy rice.

After all the meat, we finally have our vegetables to balance out for a wholesome meal. French bean fried with minced pork and mushroom was the order of the day. Crunchy French bean goes well with the lightly salted minced pork and mushroom. After all the hearty delicious dishes, a cool glass of ice lemon tea is what it takes to complete a very satisfying meal. Burp!! Pardon me!

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