Thursday, December 27, 2007


Ten Ichi located below the Lok Thian restaurant

too bad it wasn't a Geisha who serve us

Ahhh........ メリークリスマス! That's Merry Christmas in Japanese. Unlike the usual human being who celebrate their Christmas by having turkey dinner, i went the other with my friends by having a Japanese Christmas. It's a refreshing way to usher the festive season unlike any other and we had so much fun and laughter since we got ourselves a room for the occasion. If it wasn't for the enclosed room, i think the customers will be chased away by our crazy behaviour. I don know why we acted that way, maybe because of the 'sake' or maybe we really are crazy bunch. After the dinner, we jump straight to our countdown session at the local watery hole by drinking ourselves drunk and playing illegal games........ All in all it was a merry nite and one that is unusual.

warm sake to cleanse our stomach before dinner

fresh sashimi as appertiser

the sushi came all theway from Japan in this boat

grilled fish to the perfection

fresh squid lightly grilled with a dash of salt to taste

baked eel with rice

seafood ramen with fish, squid, prawn and other ocean creatures

tempura udon with a really long prawn, just wondering if the prawn went to plastic surgery to be so long

bento box with tempura, grilled fish and fresh sashimi

we were seeing snow flakes after the nite went on

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