Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Since everything is going up and our salary is still the same, Christmas will be a moderate one. Even the cake have to be home made. Here, i'll teach everyone to bake a Christmas cake. Easy and delicious!

what you'll need is 6 eggs separate, 50grm butter, 250grm cream cheese, 1 tbsp cream of tartar, 70grm flour, 20grm corn flour, 150ml fresh milk, 150grm caster sugar

melt the butter, milk and cream cheese on a double boiler until everything is dissolve and mix well

let it cool down and stir it well

after cool down, add in the egg yolk and mix the mixture well and set aside

next, beat the sugar, cream of tartar and egg white in high speed

the egg white mixture should be beaten up stiff and add in the cream cheese mixture slowly. fold it the mixture and not beat it. after that, fold in the flour and corn flour until everything is well mixed

pour into a greased tin and steam bake for 55 minutes at 160 degrees

after the cake is baked, set it aside and let it cool in the fridge. while waiting for the cake to be cool, prepare the cream by beating 1 egg with 100grm sugar and 100grm cream cheese until fluffy

set the cream cheese aside and beat 100grm of whipping cream until stiff. add in the cream cheese mixture and mix well. after the cake is cooled, spread the cream cheese as you like

the end result, white christmas cake!

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