Thursday, January 03, 2008


Another year had pass and another year had come. Time really passes by like the change of weather. New Year resolution you might ask.... Like last year and many years before, my resolution is not have made any New Year resolution. By doing so, i'm free to do what i want and i don't have to be despair if i can't achieved any of the resolution that i made.

The year 2008 seems to be a promising year for Kuching. A lot of changes are going on as we speak. We can look forward to a real shopping mall here finally! After the very disappointing debut of Boulevard, i hope the Spring will put the people behind Boulevard to shame!

Speaking of another shame, the egg faced Ting Pek King still keep on doing his fast track and yet ugly and lousy projects. Have anyone seen his vision of the new hotel? It's a bloody BOX! Well, can't blame an egg face to come up with a Picasso rite. Well, enough bout him and lets move on with the year 2008 with a blast and which everyone a fun filled year!

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fellow yellow man said...

ha ha, my sentiments exactly about the boxy structure that uncle ting is gonna build. come on, use some imagination. it cant be just like a box!!