Friday, December 14, 2007

919 CAFE

With oil prices going up and salary non moving the ladder, we have to find cheap alternative for our food. Luckily i manage to find one before i started to eat grass. The shop is located at near Hui Sing housing estate behind the up coming Boulevard Shopping Mall. It's next to Sumo Cake house. Name wise, it's called 919 Cafe and from the signboard that is made of canvas, you'll know that this place is saving to the minimum while giving the customer a decent meal at a low price. Don't expect gourmet food but they do serve some good home cook food. The specialty is fish head but i didn't order it that day. Well, the'll always be next time since this is a place for good and yet cheap food. A dinner for 3 person is only RM20 including drinks. Now, that's what i called rock bottom price!

simple tables and chairs just like those olden days stall

even though they keep it simple, they serve bario rice for a healthy reason

ma po bean curd

claypot seafood soup

spare ribs in yellow bean sauce

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