Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Been drifting away for quite awhile now........ All thanks to my external hard drive. It seems that it has given up on me and yet i treated it so good. No matter how i poke it, it will not gives it attention to me. Feeling sad that most of my photos are inside and when i meant most, its literally thousands!!! Still trying to get it kicking and while doing that, i shall wait and save my photos in my memory card 1st. In order not to let the blog goes redundant, i'm putting up some photos from my garden. Enjoy it while i try to save my external hard drive and in the coming month, i shall publish list of the best in Kuching. Until then, cheerio guys!

lime anyone???

apple anyone???



Katherine-Lee said...

How do you grow apples in your garden?

alexcjlau said...

my mom bought some apple seeds from the market. its a bong sai kinda apple.