Saturday, July 14, 2007


Tanjung Batu

I found out that the favorite pastime for Bintulian (Bintulu folks) is going to the beach. There are a few beaches dotting the coast line of Bintulu and Tanjung Batu is one of them. It’s popular during the weekends and holiday since it’s only a few minutes away from town.

my little friend

abstract on the beach

The beach is clean and the water is cooling. The whole stretch is dotted with trees and nicely landscaped gardens. There are even facilities like children playground, resting area and BBQ pit for a little picnic. Even if you don’t like the hassle to prepare your food, there’s food stalls around where you can sip fresh coconut under the swaying palm trees.

family fun on the beach

It’s a really nice place if you want to clear your mind or just enjoy the sunset as I did. A romantic stroll along the beach against the sun setting back drop is what I’m dreaming of now.



ipohchai said...

the beach were somewhat beautiful

Pete said...

Hey, nice shots!

The beach used to have all kinds of colourful seashells.
I love to chill out at the beach especially when my mind need some rest and peace.

alexcjlau said...

Its ok since only minutes away from town. The sound of waves and winds just clear my mind