Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I finally did it! I did what most people wouldn’t dare to do. I gave my piece of mind to my BOSS! I just poured it all out and spill all the bad and injustice the company had done to me all these years. Not just me along but also all my colleagues in an indirect way. I think I reached a point where I just couldn’t just sit there and being incorrectly treated from all my hard works. I think I can say for myself that I’m a decent employee and I did all my duties diligently. It’s time for me to let them hear what I have to say and I did all these through e-mail (Just Follow Laws). Now….. if anyone out there who want to employ me please take me in as I think I’ll be jobless soon.

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Pete said...

Yes, we have the right to fight for our welfare.
But how many people would dare to voice out?

All the best, my friend.