Saturday, March 17, 2007


Time passes by very fast when you are submerged in your own world. It’s been a month since I make an entry here. It’s not that I don’t want to do it but time just doesn’t permit me. At last I’m able to sneak in some time to just write a few simple stuff that has been happening around me for the past one month. Chinese New Year is long passed but the air is still lingered with the smell of it. It was really a great time for me since that’s the only time I can really gorge myself with all the abundance of food and drinks without feeling guilty. It’s also a time whereby I got to meet up with old friends and be merry. Ah….. I miss that period. Now it’s back to work and work is what it is all about now. I’ve been traveling back and forth from Kuching and my hotel room seems to be my second home now. I kinda miss bed now.

piggy year

where's my ang pow???

spring is here

let's not forget to thank GOD

fireworks lite up the sky

colours of sweet and sour

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Anonymous said...

Alex, i have gone through most of your blogs briefly. Bravo! Is what i could mentioned here.
Being human isn't just works and travels. Fill your spiritual needs as well. May God bless u always..