Wednesday, March 21, 2007


One of the many things I did during the Chinese New Year holiday was exploring the hidden gems of Sarawak. On my quest to find these precious places, I stumbled on a place called Borneo Highlands. It’s not a widely known place but it was the only highland resort here in Sarawak. The mysterious and annoying thing is why doesn’t the government or the so called Sarawak Tourism Board promote this wonderful and beautiful place to the public and world? I really wonder sometimes if the government or the Sarawak Tourism Board really does their part in promoting Sarawak. I meant, ya, they do promote certain places that is already well known to the world and sometimes they do like really take interest and put a lot of effort into promoting new places. BUT……. After a while, what happen to those places? Neglected or being passed on. What I really want to stress here is if you really want to promote something, please do it properly and PLEASE keep on maintaining it and not just do the initial stage and go. Please do the small things and not only focusing on the big stuff because it is the small things that count. Please don’t blame it on the public for not supporting if you are not doing your work properly. Well, enough of talking about them since I think they will not change anyway. It’s up to the ordinary people like us to promote our own place.

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