Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail (a failure in life and as a person himself)

It is a very regretable thing that we have such kind of people in our multi racial country. By making a very shameful and hurting remarks about the Chinese community, he is making himself a fool and enemy not just the Chinese in Malaysia but all over the world. How could we have such kind of ignorant and foolish person in our Government. If he had really research and study carefully which i really doubt by his intillegence, he should have known that without the Chinese community in Malaysia, we won't have such prosperity in our economy and wealth. He should have known also that the origins of the Malay are from the Sumatra Island. His remarks on "Hidup Melayu" makes him a snobbish pig least to say. I really hope stern action will be taken agaist him and he should be ashamed being a Malay himself. Next time if you see this pig face, please do remind him of how stupid he is.


Anonymous said...

What did this pig say about us chinese?
Man, his complexion needs some serious sand papering!

alexcjlau said...

he said the chinese in Malaysia were just immigrant and doesn't deserves the rights in Malaysia. a very shameful person.