Saturday, September 13, 2008


Inter-Cultural Moon Cake Festival at Carpenter Street

even Malay are featured here

traditional Chinese costumes

lanterns, lanterns everywhere

anyone up for RM1 hair cut?

a very weird and scary looking lion dance

food is a must at every festival, hungry liaw!

traditional Chinese calligraphy on display

This year festival was scaled down alot compared with previous years. Not much expectation and mostly the usual stuff. I just took a stroll along Carpenter Street and happy snapping pictures like a tourist. The festival still able to draw the crowds despite it only held over a three day period this year. Just wish they could do it better next year instead of scaling it down further. For the celebration this year, I'm going back to the nostalgic era. Instead of going for the modern and fancy style moon cakes, i went back to an old brand that has been around since very very long time ago. Sin Hian Chia or Chin Hian Chia has been around since before i was born. It was the only place where people in Kuching get their moon cakes from at that time. Their range are not as fancy as those modern type but they retain their old taste that brings back memories of sitting around together with the family and kids playing lantern over moon cakes and tea. Besides moon cakes, they also has varieties of traditional cookies and pastry for weddings and full moon.

nostalgic place where folks get their moon cake

the old school

the new style

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