Saturday, September 13, 2008


free them!!!

Malaysian government is going backwards instead of going forward like the rest of the world. Instead of encouraging the people to be more matured, vocal, independent and intellectual, the government is restricting us to be like that and hope we will forever remain as a naive baby. The arrest of three people over the alleged crime of inflicting racial uneasiness was a big bomb to shut people up. The government is trying to tell the people to just shut up and pretend nothing has happen when something is not right with the country. The people of this country can think for themselves what is right and wrong and they are matured enough to speak up. Please let the people grow and don't be a coward of hiding their fillings. If this ISA thing is going through, Malaysia will always remains as a backward 3rd world country.

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wen ni said...

"At least we still better than Zimbabwe".. said by one idiot Politician in our country.

What can we say for all that had happened in our country recently. Is a shame. I would say "There is no hope for this country anymore".