Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's been a long time since i blog. My life now its all about work, work and more work since my project is going on full swing. Luckily there's still time for me to indulge a little bit of rest and relaxation once in a while and managed to blog this time round. I just had a little dinner gathering at my friend's house to catch up some gossip. A trip to his house is like going to a antique shop or resort. You'll be flipping through every corner of his house like a treasure hunt. There's never a dull moment at his house and the atmosphere that night was heighten by the laughter and sound of a bunch of closed friends over dinner and wine. Wish i could do this more often as i need to get away from reality.

ring a ring to enter the realm of Lucas Lair

a living room full of treasures!!!

how bout a blow of opium while resting

apparently this piece of art carving cost USD 2,000!!!!

the toilet doors are art work but you can't lock it while inside, be careful!!!!

the twilight zone!!

Lucas loves his dalmatian way too much

Jamie Oliver better stay away cos we got chef Lucas in da house

dinner by the pool is something we can't get everyday

dinner is awaiting to be served! Hungry!!!

appertiser of belacan with fresh timun and brinjals

asam prawns and satay are the sides for today

everyone was too hungry and gorge down the food in record time, too bad Guiness Book aren't here to witness

time for dessert of light cheese cake with fresh fruits

we received news that our watery hole is closing down so we went there for ld time sack

good bye to a familiar place, gonna be sad without a nice place to hang out soon

a last toast to FLING!

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