Monday, March 24, 2008

BEST of part 3

Finally the finale of my trilogy has come to an end. Yet still in a far far away land called Kuching, there’s abundance of gastronomic places to satisfy the hungry souls of the feline residence there. One this last journey, I’ll walk you through some of the best foreign delicacies that has invaded our feline land. No wander the local pussies ‘purr’ in delight over the abundance of food available.

1. The Junk – Opposite St. Mary’s School/ next to Star Cineplex and Upwell. The duos behind this fabulous restaurant cum antique room are also the same people responsible for Bla..bla..bla.., Living Room and their newest baby Original Car Wash. It’s called the Junk because the place is literally a junk yard with old wooden chairs, tables, cupboards used as props and furniture. There’s even old sewing machine, clocks lamps and other knickknacks thrown in for that rustic look. It’s a visual feast once you step into the restaurant. The orders here are modern Italian fare with the signature ‘lamb shank’ as their most popular dish. Do try out their fishermen basket that comes in a large sea shell and can feed 2-3 persons. There’s no complaining about their food except one. The portions are too big and you’ll need a big table since all the foods are served in oversized plates!

2. Bla...bla…bla… – Opposite St. Mary’s School/ next to Star Cineplex. The sister restaurant of The Junk which is just a few blocks down. Unlike its big sister, the décor here are more towards Balinese resort style. With two water feature ponds separating its main dining area and kitchen and strategically placed Buddha figurines, you’ll feel that you’re in a resort rather than a restaurant. As the Junk serves modern Italian, Bla..bla..bla.. prides it self with its innovative fusion Chinese food. Highly recommended are the ‘midin’ salad that is only found here. Others that are worth mentioning are ostrich's roll with melted cheese, cashew nut prawns, coffee chicken and many more. Do try their pandan green tea which is surprisingly refreshing and cooling. As with the Junk, the portions here are huge also.

3. Magenta – Rubber road. One of my favorite restaurants with their signature pasta dishes. They serve fusion Italian fares which are cooked to perfection. The selection here are extensive and you’ll be cracking your head with what to order. Do leave some space for dessert since they are really good. The ambiance is more towards a blend of Balinese and Nyonya style. The restaurant itself is housed in an old Nyonya house that is rich in beautiful architecture and detailing. It is also a good place to linger on for a while after dinner for a chat and coffee.

4. Pondok Laguna – Crown Square, Pending. Authentic Indonesian foods are hard to come by even though we are just next door neighbour with Indonesia. Luckily this place serves as a refuge for those who wanted a taste of Indonesia. Their chefs and some staff are from Indonesia so you can assure that the food here is real stuff. Indonesian food are similar to Malays with a slight difference is sauces and spices used. The highly recommended food here is their Indonesian Fried Noodle. One plate is just not enough. Other notable foods are the chicken satay with lots of onions, ayam percik and beef rending. Do save up some space for their colorful yet refreshing drinks and desserts.

5. Minoru – Rubber Road. The best Japanese restaurant around and it is certified by the many Japanese people who frequent there. Just a small restaurant but big on taste. The most exquisite are their Kobe beef that is so tender and sweet even by its own. Supposedly that the cow are feed on beer as apposed to just plain water. One reminder though, is prepared to fork out at least RM100 per person if you dine here. Anyway, that is a small price to pay for really beautiful food at Minoru.

There are a lot more good food in Kuching yet to be discovered and the list are too long to be mentioned. They always says that Penang is the food heaven but wait til they try out the food here. I bet they will change their mind and declare Kuching as the new food heaven!

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