Tuesday, March 04, 2008


beautiful village by the foot hill

Mount Santubong is just a stone throw away

It’s been several years since I step into Sarawak Cultural Village. They just undergo a major restoration and renovation works last year and the place looks spanking new. The village is located about 30 minutes drive from Kuching. Located at the Santubong peninsular and closed by to Damai Beach resort, the place is a beautiful landscaped museum with the legendary Santubong Mountain as its backdrop. Visitors who come to Kuching won’t be complete without a visit to this living museum. A visit here will make you complete your journey throughout the whole Sarawak without even stepping out of Kuching. The village is a sprawling mini Sarawak with all the major native tribes represented here with their own unique houses and cultural. You can visit the Iban’ Longhouse or take a swing at the Melanau’s house. What make this museum unique are the different tribes who perform their daily routines here for the visitors to witness. A visit here will deepen your knowledge on how the natives in Sarawak live and experience the cultural and daily lives of them. Not forgetting, you can buy the local food and crafts that are hand made the traditional way right in front of your eyes. There are two daily cultural shows that showcase the traditional dances of the natives’ people in Sarawak which has won many awards and accolades all over the world. Next time when you step by in Kuching, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Living Museum ‘Sarawak Cultural Village’. A truly unique experience!

this is the 1st hurdle you have to cross before stepping into the village

1st house - The Bidayuh community

traditional way of processing rice

a very long and tedious process of making the pua kumbu

the great hall of the Iban Longhouse
anyone care for some freshly made kuih Jala?
a traditional welcome dance
my NZ friend became an Iban warrior for a day
this is where the World Rain Forest Music fest is held every year
a got a new friend at the cultural village - meet greeny
the very tall Melanau house
this is the ladder that you have to climb to get into the house
this is where the very delicate people of Orang Ulu lives
the sapir
a small waterfall in the village to provide some cooling effect
welcome to the Rumah Melayu
the children are playing a traditional malay game called Congkak
traditional Chinese farm house
parts of the traditional performances

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Bokonon said...

Thank you so much for this post, it brought back wonderful memories of last year's Rainforest World Music Festival.

I didn't get to see the various activities the happen at the village because of the festival, but I'd love to go back one day.

Best wishes to you.