Monday, January 07, 2008


New Year's Eve for me in Kuching was a Very Wet....... event. Even though it was raining cats and dogs, that doesn't stop us from enjoying ourselves over a good dinner and wine. We went to a Indonesian restaurant called Pondok Laguna located at Crown Square at Pending. It was operated by the same people that brings us Causeway Bay, Shanghai Nite and Lok Thian. The decor was simple but the food was really good! We had so much food that we barely can walk out of the restaurant after the meal. Some of the waitresses are from Indonesia so they are the best person to ask for good recommendations. As usual, the place was packed since it was New Year's Eve. After the dinner, we went back to one of our friend's house for some after dinner drinks. That night, we had 3 bottles of red wine with assortments of cakes from Hilton and a box of chocolate truffles. What a new year it has been and i'm looking forward to the next one with much anticipation!

Pondok Laguna located on the ground floor of Crown Square at Pending

seats reserved for the royal!

Bali is where we spent our New Year's Eve (exotic!)

their menu consits of a wide range of Indonesian delicacies

the keropok with chili sauce serves as a very appertising apperriser (we had 3 baskets!)

the pandan leaf rice (soft and fragrant)

chicken satay Indonesian style

roasted chicken in sweet sauce

prawn satay which is over done (too bad...)

beef rendang sone to perfection! (more rice please!)

mee goreng Indonesian style (two plates of this was clean and lick)

tauhu sumbat with mix vegetables stuffed inside the tofu and deep fried

ayam assek (lots of tumeric and spices)

with those nice food, we must have some hot chillies and belacan to go with it

ice blended cempedak

iced green bean

mixed fruits drink with lots of local fruits

start the New Year with a Gong!!!!!

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