Thursday, November 15, 2007


It's my good friend Richard's Birthday and we went to Magenta for dinner as this is his favourite restaurant. It was pouring that nite as we ascend to the restaurant and you can see how heavy the rain is by the many buckets and tins placed stratergically in the restaurant to collect rain water from the dripping ceiling. The restaurant is indeed an old house but we enjoyed the dinner without any of us getting wet. The dinner was great and we really ate alot. The birthday boy even got a personalised decorated cake compliments of the restaurant.

Richard's fav restaurant, Magenta at Rubber Road West

it was raining cats and dogs outside

our 1st appertizer, bruschetta with sun ripe tomatoes, ham and hard boil eggs

our 2nd appertizer, deep fried calamari rings

main course, manggo grilled salmon

fish and chips

fishermen basket consists of, baked mussels, calamari rings, deep fried soft shell crabs, prawns and fish

cheese steaks with wild mushroom sauce

tiramisu, the real stuff

carrot cake with vanilla ice cream

a special cake on the house accompanied with singing waitresses

wah!!!!! a Gucci gift for our birthday boy, how i envy

besides Richard's birthday, we also took the oppoturnity to gift a farewell gift to our dear friend Edward, he's going to Bintulu to become a pilot, soon we will be able to ride in the A380 that he flies

we insists that he carry this whenever he flies to remind him of us

the gang for the final candid shot

our program doesn't end there that nite as we proceed to sing our hearts out at this new kara-ok at Abell road called Deluxe KTV

the interior is plush and nice with over 20 rooms of various sizes, our room comes with an attached bathroom and it's the smalllest of them all, you should visit their VIP rooms, wow!

the singers get ready for their turn to shine tonite

the birthday boy style of singing, leaning one hand on the wall, guess it's the new move

the nite ends with a little birthday cake of muffins as the clock strike 12


zhixing said...

good stuff........ the food

alexcjlau said...

The food only ke? Hehehe!