Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This is a conversation I had with a Korean restaurant owner in town. A very disturbing and annoying chat. The conversation was simplified to get the message across here.

Owner: How’s the food?

Me: It is fine tq.

Owner: Glad you like it.

Me: You’re not from here?

Owner: I’m from Korea.

Me: Oh! How long have you been here?

Owner: I have been here few years already. Came here with my brother to open up this Korean restaurant.

Me: That is nice. How do you like it here so far?

Owner: Not bad considering it’s a small place. I still find Korea is much better than here. The foods here are just not good at all. It’s tasteless. Korean foods are still the best than the rest.

Me: How could you say that? I bet there are good food from here and different people has different taste.

Owner: Nah… no good food from here. Still think Korean food are the best. People here are also kinda lazy.

Me: Why do you say that?

Owner: Because people got so many free times and so many holidays. I asked my staff to work on Chinese New Year but they say they want to celebrate it. So old already still want to celebrate, better use the time to work.

Conclusion: If foreign people come to our place and don’t respect our people and culture, they are not welcome here. We don’t need arrogant and ignorance people in our society. We are all equal and should respect each other no matter where you are from. So boycott those places owned by foreigner who don’t respect us. PEACE!


Rauff said...

hahahah....and come to think of it i nearly kicked a mat salleh at the mamak during lunch break.

alexcjlau said...

u should, that'll shall teach them to respect other cultural when they are abroad

Donna said...

"We Asian are also among the most beautiful in the world or even universe (if there aren’t any pretty ET out there)."


I am not disagreeing with you. It amounts to manners. People behave and think that way all the time here in the US and I am almost certain it occurs everywhere. Probably, has something to do with Nationalism, on both sides?