Friday, February 16, 2007


It’s been awhile since I pen down something on this blog. Being busy with work and travel most of the time. I started to treat the airport and the hotel as my penthouse already, almost forgetting that I still have a place called home to go back to. The time has come to a period where everything has to be completed fast and everyone including me myself is breathing down my neck to get things done. Everyone is rushing to complete what they had in their hands because it’s the time where by everyone is going on holiday. Yes, it is the time for Chinese New Year again. It seems that the last celebration is still fresh in my memory and yet a full year had passed by just like that. I still got tones of work to be done and my preparations for the most important festive season are still in progress. Wait, I still haven’t started it if I remember clearly. Gosh! 24 hours are just not enough for me.

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