Saturday, October 04, 2008


Bali... ahh.... The name itself will provoke a sense of serenity and relaxation. That's what i felt when i touch down on Bali. Bali is a place of mystical legends and a place full of sun and sea. A short visit will not justify that you have been there. You really need to explore the island and its surrounding. Indulge on the rich culture and food. There are so much to be digest here and you'll leave the place satisfied or maybe you won't even leave. I'm coming back to Bali again next year. Don't cry for me BALI!

a paradise on earth!

the villa that i stayed in Bali... nice and elegant

Tanah Lot, one of the many place you must visit

Uluwatu, one of the many important religious places in Bali

the luscious green padi field that dotted around Bali

the courtyard of the Royal residence of the Balinese King

sunset at Uluwatu

sunset dinner at Jimbara, very romantic and the seafood was great

a corn peddler by the beach... nice posed for a photo

BBQ corn anyone? very juicy and sweet!

this is not a worshipping ritual.... its Kecak dance, a folklore dance with no music and just chanting

this is the damn monkey that stole my specs and ate it.... hope he will get lots and lots of stomach ache

morning breakfast at the villa, energy to fuel up the day

lunch of traditional Balinese fare

the Pig place that you must visit if in Bali, its at Ubub next to the Royal Palace

a pig that feed the whole village

dinner of seafood by the beach

its party and party the night away.... there's Christina and Whitney!

dancing queen!!

a bleesing from Bali


One Other ... said...

"Babi guling"? hilarious name! and right in your face! Hahaha.

This place is a paradise!

alexcjlau said...

because they roast it by rotating it over a fire. Thats why its called babi guling.... it really taste good and a must try in Bali... just have to wait for the long que

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