Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Gone are the vibrant scenery, noise and smell of the Main Bazaar wet market that has been part of our lives since the birth of Kuching. Due to the many reasons that seem to be annoying and senseless from the local authorities, the many lives of people around and even from far away are changed suddenly. There’s no more that old feeling about Main Bazaar that many associates with the old Kuching. The sights of charming old lady selling vegetables and folks enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the wet market are all destroyed. What seems to be old charm value that attracts people from all walks of lives here and abroad are deemed useless by the local authorities that doesn’t know how to manage a city of such. Welcome to the city of senseless and un-efficient local government. What they should do is go around the world and learn from other cities that are more efficient and charming than us. Don’t always sit in your cubicle and stay in your kampong and think that you know the best way of doing things. Bring back the old charm of Kuching while developed around it. Don’t chop down a 1000 year old tree just because you need to build your mall there. Build around it and the best of both can survive. Last note: Good Bye Main Bazaar!

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Anonymous said...

the picture is good but the description is less quality.

example: hypermarket, hypermarket are the combination of supermarket and department stores. department stores can be like nike, bonia or may be converse. as supermarket are the place selling household product like meat canned food and shampoo.

boulevard have hang ten, converse and supermarket. so boulevard itself is a hypermarket.

sorry but i dont means any offence.