Thursday, January 08, 2009


What a year had passed by without a hint….. 2008 was not a bad year neither it was good. The year went on usual and the only thing that made a big impact was I started to go to gym and I’m a Facebook junkie. Yes, i'm a self confessed Facebook addict. Look around you and which one of you doesn’t have a Facebook profile. Hmm… those who haven’t entered the world of Facebook must be living under the shell. I end my year with two BIG events. The 1st was a nice Christmas Eve dinner with my closed friends. It was just a small gathering of good people and delicious food! The dinner lasted till the wee hour of Christmas morning that includes us stuffing our face with good food, drinking silly, good chat, UNO and not forgotten Church mass. We sang our heart out during the Church mass and it certainly felt more Christmassy after you attended the mass. Merry Christmas everyone!

bling bling!!

ginger bread house that we ended up giving away

ginger bread men

food galore!!!

honey glazed roast turkey ham

minced pie

crab mousse with crakers

christmas pudding with vanilla sauce

brussel sprouts in butter garlic

aglio olio which is absolute yummy!

all the christmas presents.... i wan all!!!

this is my christmas presents... thanks guys!!

midnite church mass at St. Joseph Cathedral

the real people which are my very very closed friends