Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today makes a very SAD day for the passing of our beloved Lydia Sum. Let us mourn for the loss of a great person.....


a giant gold fish greets the New Year

I’m BACK! That’s what Syler (Heroes) said in episode 11 of season 2 when he finally got the powers that he wanted. But that’s not why I’m back for. I’m just back from a LONG…………. holiday over the Chinese New Year. Didn’t go traveling though, just stay back and entertain friends after friends who came back for the year of ‘Ratatouille’. It’s been a very tiring and hectic period but it was worth it for all the fun, laughter, joy and not forgetting the abundance of food that is consumed during that period.

this is how my reunion dinner looks like..... sumptious!!!!

a new decor for the New Year

my offering to the guests who come to visit.....

As usual, firecrackers and fireworks lit up the sky almost every night after the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. The street in my area was like a war zone with lights, loud bang and smoke everywhere. I must admit that we did contribute to the smoke that night. As for the customaries ‘ang pow’, I got less and less each year as I reached my age limit. Most people are expecting me to be distributing it instead of receiving it next year. I’ll think I’ll give it a pass until I won the lottery. After all the fun I guess we all have to go back to reality which is WORK! I’m still in my New Year mood though, and next year I’ll be saying Happy Chinese New Year in Vietnam!