Thursday, December 18, 2008


As the year draw to a close, Malaysian particularly those making decision still can’t learn from their mistakes. In a recent news report about University Malaya wanting to increase the number of its post graduates students to boost its ranking in the Times Higher Education Supplement, I was shock and yet laughing of how they are going to do it. As you all know, a good higher institution of learning depends largely on its co-curriculum, teaching staff and of course its student qualities. By all means, our local students qualities a by far one of the worse ever. If we still continue our way of admitting students based on the race quota, our local universities will never ever be of world class standard or even climbing up the rankings. A lot of excellent students are either turns away or not offered their preferred courses because of the race quota. Instead, those who are less qualified are offered their choice because of the race quota again. I had come to know that a Grade 3 SPM student being offered Engineering course while a Grade 1 student being offered an Arts course all because of their race. If the Government really thinks of improving our Universities standard, they should really think of only accepting students based on their qualifications and do away with the race quota. You can’t spoon feed the people everyday, let them compete for themselves to improve. Even if you are able to fulfill the quota, the quality is not there. Let’s not make our society, labeled as useless grads in the eye of the world.